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Experience Goodloe Learning Community

Building community, for learning and for fun!

Goodloe Learning Community is a Unitarian Universalist covenanting community that welcomes all people who seek inclusion, equality and general human kindness in fellowship with others. We offer a Maryland State homeschooling ministry called Goodloe HUGS (Homeschool Umbrella Group Support) to supervise homeschool instruction and to provide opportunities for families to gather for fun and mutual support as their children learn and grow. Besides our homeschool ministry, Goodloe Learning Community invites participation from the wider community in many events, welcoming all who would like to gather for social-justice discussions, activism, and general fellowship, so that we can learn and thrive together. We are headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, but we gather in places all over Maryland for fun, fellowship, and learning. The UUA tells us, "Live your values aloud, not alone. Our open-minded, open-hearted spiritual communities help people lead lives of justice, love, learning and hope." The beliefs of individual UUs include atheism, agnosticism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, neopaganism, Wicca, Hinduism, Buddhism, Humanism, and many more. We support inclusive, humanist values and we welcome you!


Goodloe Learning Community at a Glance

A Bit of Background


Goodloe Learning Community includes both a general participation "covenanting community" and the HUGS homeschool ministry. Some events are open to both groups. In both groups, we seek to gather for academic, social and justice-related activities, to do our part in making the world a better place for all. We support all efforts aimed at promoting inclusiveness and compassion, including dismantling White Supremacy, promoting LGBTQ+ rights, the right to safe and legal abortion, and immigrants' rights. HUGS was formed in 2012, and originally sponsored by the Goodloe Memorial Unitarian Universalist Congregation. We are named for Don Speed Smith Goodloe, a Unitarian who dedicated his life to the education of African American children and others who were not being well served by the existing education system.

Example Activities

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Art in (or Near) the Park

Gathering to create beauty!

Bruschetta with Ham

Pizza, Politics and Postcards

Making our views heard by sending postcards to legislators!

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey

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